Handsworth Historical Society. Photograph Album 1 Index (with thumb-nail views).

Page 11The Moors Church Lane.010101 (2K)
Page 12Matthew Boulton House Soho Hill Built 1789010102 (2K)
Page 13Toll Gates Hamstead Road/Villa Road Removed 1874010103 (2K)
Page 14Matthew Boulton House Soho Hill010104 (2K)
Page 31Old Cottages Handsworth Wood Road010301 (2K)
Page 32Old Cottages Handsworth Wood Road010302 (2K)
Page 33Keepers Cottage Browns Green010303 (2K)
Page 34Browns Green House Built 1800010304 (2K)
Page 51Cherry Orchard Farm Handsworth Wood010501 (2K)
Page 52Cuddeston Pool Cherry Orchard Estate010502 (2K)
Page 53Wellington Road Handsworth Wood – looking up Church Lane010503 (2K)
Page 54Hamstead Hall the drive from Handsworth Wood010504 (2K)
Page 55Hamstead Hall the front Built circa 1750010505 (2K)
Page 56Hamstead Hall side view Demolished 1936010506 (2K)
Page 71Hamstead Road – looking North (St Mary’s Church in distance)010701 (2K)
Page 72Corner of Nineveh Road & Bacchus Road where bull-baiting took place010702 (2K)
Page 73Toll Gates Hamstead Road/Villa Road Removed 1874010703 (2K)
Page 74Toll Gates Hamstead Road/Villa Road Removed 1874010704 (2K)
Page 75Old Steam Trams Lament 1884-1906010705 (2K)
Page 81Perry Bridge (locally known as “Zig-Zag Bridge”)not_yet (1K)
Page 91Browns Green 3 Horse Bus010901 (2K)
Page 92Handsworth Wood Bus outside St Andrew’s Church010902 (2K)
Page 93Steam Tram in Lozells Road 1884-1906010903 (2K)
Page 94Old Steam Trams Lament 1884-1906010904 (2K)
Page 95Old Steam Tram Aston 1884-1906010905 (2K)
Page 101Colour print of Perry Pont The Zig-Zag Bridge011001 (3K)
Page 1115 h.p. Wolseley (driver G. H. Wilkinson)011101 (2K)
Page 11210 h.p. Lanchester (driver G. H. Wilkinson)011102 (2K)
Page 11314/16 h.p. Argyle (driver G. H. Wilkinson)011103 (3K)
Page 114Perry Barr Village and Church011104 (2K)
Page 115Sutton Park Old Enclosure Ditch011105 (3K)
Page 116Sutton Park Neolithic Camp near Four Oaks Gate011106 (2K)
Page 117Quadrant Motor Cycle011107 (3K)
Page 131River Tame Hamstead Hill011301 (3K)
Page 132Colliery Wharf Hamstead Hill011302 (2K)
Page 133Hamstead Colliery – pit bottom after fire Closed 1965011303 (2K)
Page 134De Dion car 10 h.p.2 cylinder011304 (2K)
Page 135Sandwell Park Colliery011305 (2K)
Page 136Hamstead Colliery car011306 (3K)
Page 137Miners’ strike – Handsworth Volunteers011307 (2K)
Page 138Hamstead Colliery Closed 1965011308 (2K)
Page 151Selborne Road Handsworth011501 (2K)
Page 152Endwood Court Built 1838011502 (2K)
Page 153Endwood Court Built 1838011503 (2K)
Page 154The Drive Wellington Road011504 (2K)
Page 161Hay Making St Mathew’s Field Handsworth (St Mary’s in centre)not_yet (1K)
Page 171Balloon ascent near Handsworth Church011701 (2K)
Page 172Handsworth Parish Church interior (from a painting)011702 (2K)
Page 173Old Farm Lozells Road Handsworth011703 (2K)
Page 174St James’s Church interior (from a painting)011704 (3K)
Page 191Rocky Lane Hamstead011901 (2K)
Page 192The Lodge Browns Green011902 (3K)
Page 193Endwood Court Built 1838011903 (2K)
Page 194Rocky Lane Hamstead (top end)011904 (3K)
Page 201Handsworth Grammar School and notes on The Bridge Trust012001 (4K)
Page 211Browns Green Lodge012101 (4K)
Page 212Browns Green School012102 (3K)
Page 213Browns Green Lodge (Miss Allen)012103 (3K)
Page 214Hamstead Lodge Built about 1870012104 (2K)
Page 215Farm Handsworth Wood (Williamson’s Butlers Road)012105 (2K)
Page 221Perry Pont Built about 1700012201 (2K)
Page 222Perry Pont Built about 1700012202 (2K)
Page 223Perry Pont Built about 1700012203 (3K)
Page 231Perry Pont – print Built about 1700012301 (4K)
Page 232Birchfield House012302 (2K)
Page 233Five Ways Edgbaston012303 (3K)
Page 234Selborne Road Handsworth Wood012304 (2K)
Page 241Map of Perry Barr (from Jones’ Manors of North B’ham 1984)012401 (3K)
Page 242Handsworth sites of farms and houses (showing modern roads)012402 (4K)
Page 251Soho Works012501 (3K)
Page 252Warwickshire Volunteers012502 (2K)
Page 253Soho Pool012503 (3K)
Page 254Distant view of St Mary’s Handsworth012504 (3K)
Page 261Perry Hall print Demolished in 1931012601 (3K)
Page 262Notes on Perry Hall
Page 263Tenant Farmers of Lord Gough Calthorpe in front of Perry Hall012603 (2K)
Page 264Booths Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 22 Sept 1921012604 (2K)
Page 265Manor Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 22 Sept 1921012605 (2K)
Page 271Perry Hall showing the moat Demolished in 1931012701 (2K)
Page 272Perry Hall – home of Lord Calthorpe012702 (2K)
Page 273Handsworth Wood from 39 Hamstead Hill012703 (2K)
Page 274The Coppice near Sandwell Park012704 (3K)
Page 281Parson & Clerk Hotel – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012801 (3K)
Page 282Perry Villa – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012802 (3K)
Page 283Warren Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012803 (3K)
Page 284Halfway Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012804 (2K)
Page 285Blakelands Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012805 (2K)
Page 286Perry Barr Common Farm – Calthorpe Estate properties from Sales Catalogue 1921012806 (3K)
Page 291Soho House and Pool012901 (3K)
Page 311St Mary’s Church013101 (3K)
Page 312Sandwell Hall013102 (2K)
Page 313St Mary’s Church013103 (2K)
Page 314Handsworth Old Town Hall013104 (3K)
Page 321Soho Lake
Page 331Soho Lake Soho Park013301 (3K)
Page 341Shell Pool Soho House013401 (3K)
Page 351Soho Pool Boating Sign (note omnibus fare & route)
Page 352Endwood
Page 353Endwood

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